14/1/15 – Production Log 4

Again it has been a while since I last updated my project and this production log. When I last posted I had finished filming some filler shots, such as, blowing bubbles towards the camera and floating leaves. This was because I needed to carry on working on the project whilst planning and organising the filming of my interviews.

This has now been done! I travelled to Leeds, my nearest town, to film members of the public answering my questions on dreams and aspirations, however, it didn’t go at all to plan. Leeds wasn’t very busy on that particular day, which made it all the more difficult to film but also having asked a few people I soon realised that no one was willing to answer my questions on camera so I quickly had to change my plan on the spot.

I decided that I would stage my interviews using family members and friends of the specific age ranges I was looking to interview because this way I can be in control of the situation and can make arrangements to film when convenient for both parties.

I have already filmed myself, my sister and parents and I plan to film more in the not too distant future so that I can have a full and varied set of interviews for my project.

This week I have put this current footage into my timeline on final cut and have continued to build on what is already in place, such as, adding other downloaded music tracks, editing footage to fit the music and placing effects to transition shots.

I hope to continue in this same vein for the next few weeks, by bringing more footage to the table and continuing to edit, to allow the project to expand and develop further.


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