18/11/14 – Production Log 3

It has been a while since I last made progress on my Extended Project Qualification but recently I have started to make head way again and intend to have the majority of the footage in place by Christmas 2014.

The last time I wrote a production log I said I would attempt to record myself singing ‘Pie Jesu’ to use as the underlying soundtrack for the film, however, having attempted several times to record this song and others I found it wasn’t going to work. The quality of the recording was poor and it had a lot of background noise that could be heard when played back and there were parts of each recording that sounded good. I don’t have the facilities to record in a professional studio and the software to piece the best parts of each recording together, so I have decided to download the original soundtrack from the internet in order to keep my film as professional has possible.

Today I filmed a few more shots to place in between the interviews to create and build the story, such as, a static shot of the girl in the film jumping in the air, a shot of me pointing to myself and a shot of the girl blowing bubbles into the camera.

The bubble shot worked to a degree but the bubble maker wasn’t quite as efficient as I had hoped and it only made a few bubbles at a time, which was disappointing. However, I made sure I took a lot of shots to pick the best one and I have one particular shot in mind that stood out to me that wasn’t what I had originally planned but that looked in keeping with my theme and story.

Also I tried to film another shot of a leaf floating down gradually to the floor, however, there wasn’t much wind during filming and the leaf was very wet, which meant that it didn’t really float, it just dropped and I couldn’t obtain an effective shot that portrayed what I was hoping for. So I am going to dry off some leaves and wait for a windier day before filming, in the hope I can get the shot I imagined.

Next I will place these shots into my timeline on Final Cut Pro and edit them into my story. By the end of this next week I will hopefully have the majority of my film in place and can start to edit to my downloaded music track so I can create some ebb and flow to the documentary.


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