24/9/14 – Production Log 2

Having filmed throughout this last week, I have now got my story card linking footage in place, which now gives the film more structure and story outline.

I am really pleased with how filming went, I knew exactly what vision I wanted to create, which was just a simple background with fairly static shots of the girl holding the story cards. This was really quick and easy to film and was simply to implement into the footage from last week.

I also had another idea that I am going to try and implement in the next week or so, which could add another dimension to my documentary. Instead of downloading songs from Youtube to place under my footage, I plan to record myself singing the song Pie Jesu, which is quite haunting and creates the right kind of mood for my documentary. Also by recording it myself, it means that I have showcased another element of my work.

Looking forward to the next week, I am going to record the song in the studio and try to film a few shots that can be done without any other help, such as, the money piling on the table or the writing on cardboard in a rubbish pile. This way I can continue the process of filming and editing at a steady process, whilst continuing planning for my interview process.


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