17/09/14 – Production Log 1

Having just got back from my Europe Inter-Railing trip, in which I filmed a lot of shots for ‘The Beauty of Dreams’ documentary, I have started to sift through the footage and start to plot an outline of the structure into Final Cut Pro.

A lot of the footage I gained whilst in Europe was filler footage, such as, shots of general people walking around, or establishing shots, because this was easy to do when in tourist areas.

I also gained some specific story related shots, like the imagery of the bubble floating away or imagery of people enjoying themselves, for example, jumping into water fountains or dancing etc. I deliberately set out to films shots, such as these, but didn’t stage or set them up; it was just a case of watching people and the surroundings around you, which I like because the shots are home footage like making the documentary more relaxed and effortless.

However, I did encounter some issues with the plan of filming I had drawn up for the holiday, such as, filming some interviews with people from around the world. This would have been really affective, making the film take on a wider perspective but not many people were willing to answer the types of questions I needed to ask and didn’t want to be on camera. The biggest problem, however, was the language barrier, as many of the people we met didn’t speak a lot of English and would have struggled to understand and give the in depth answers I need for my documentary to be affective.

So I am going to organise a day in which, I will go into Leeds city centre and set up my camera and ask individuals on the street. This way it is more accessible for me and I will not have the issue of language, as everyone will speak English. I still hope to gain some interesting stories and meet individual and unique people but I may be slightly limited unlike when I was in Europe.

Over the next week, I will be filming the story card shots with my sister in order to get some more structure to the current shots in Final Cut Pro. By my next production log, I hope to have these into place so I can focus on beginning my edits whilst planning my Leeds interviews on the side.


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